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“Regina Louise is the real deal. She is the wise, irreverent, loving, funny aunt you always wanted. This book has so much wisdom packed into it, but unlike other self-help books, she offers real, accessible tools to make her wisdom your own. This is the permission slip we all need to live with unapologetic boldness.” 

— Laura McKowen, author of We Are the Luckiest

“Regina Louise takes us on a warrior’s journey and bares all in daring to share the anguish, pain, and ecstasy of her path to self-acceptance and self-love. She invites us to do the same with her handbook of tools to navigate that uncharted wilderness in each of us — the interior of our own souls. Her words are an invitation and a challenge to be all that we can be and a celebration of the exultant triumph of manifesting our dreams. Permission Granted is a searing firebrand of a book, and even if you never practice one technique, to spend time here is to feel something unforgettable — Regina’s love.” 

— Yvonne Chotzen, film producer, corporate trainer, and founder of Chotzen Communications 

“Regina Louise has created an owner’s manual for personal empowerment and self-love. Ever met someone so fierce and fabulous that you wanted to know how to capture that light for yourself? That is how I felt when I heard Regina reading her last book. With Permission Granted she shares pages of strategies to find your own light source. During times like these, what could be more valuable?” 

— Kari Byron, TV personality, producer, and author of Crash Test Girl

“Part memoir, part ‘speak up for yourself’ manifesto, Permission Granted provides a powerful blueprint for how to love yourself, love your voice, and use your one precious life to live your legacy. Regina Louise will help you heal from self-doubt and step into the life you were born to lead.” 

— Alexia Vernon, author of Step into Your Moxie

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Welcome to your 60-Day Self-Love Guided Journal! During both Mental Health & Foster Care Awareness Month, for each journal purchased, a copy will be gifted to anyone currently in the system, or emancipating from the system. I will also gift a journal to anyone expressing a desire for support as a result of mental health challenges. Join in as I work with organizations to make this "GetOneGiftOne" a success!

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