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Praise for Regina Louise and

Permission Granted

“Regina Louise is the real deal. She is the wise, irreverent, loving, funny aunt you always wanted. This book has so much wisdom packed into it, but unlike other self-help books, she offers real, accessible tools to make her wisdom your own. This is the permission slip we all need to live with unapologetic boldness.”

Laura McKowen, author of We Are the Luckiest

“Regina Louise takes us on a warrior’s journey and bares all in daring to share the anguish, pain, and ecstasy of her path to self-acceptance and self-love. She invites us to do the same with her handbook of tools to navigate that uncharted wilderness in each of us — the interior of our own souls. Her words are an invitation and a challenge to be all that we can be and a celebration of the exultant triumph of manifesting our dreams. Permission Granted is a searing firebrand of a book, and even if you never practice one technique, to spend time here is to feel something unforgettable — Regina’s love.”

 Yvonne Chotzen, film producer, corporate trainer, and founder of Chotzen Communications 

“Regina Louise has created an owner’s manual for personal empowerment and self-love. Ever met someone so fierce and fabulous that you wanted to know how to capture that light for yourself? That is how I felt when I heard Regina reading her last book. With Permission Granted she shares pages of strategies to find your own light source. During times like these, what could be more valuable?”

— Kari Byron, TV personality, producer, and author of Crash Test Girl

“Part memoir, part ‘speak up for yourself’ manifesto, Permission Granted provides a powerful blueprint for how to love yourself, love your voice, and use your one precious life to live your legacy. Regina Louise will help you heal from self-doubt and step into the life you were born to lead.”

— Alexia Vernon, author of Step into Your Moxie


Praise for Regina Louise and

Someone Has Led This Child to Believe

“There is no other memoir like Regina Louise’s memoir. Louise has an unerring instinct to dazzle us with unique imagery and a voice that is unforgettable.”

Susan Straight, author, Highwire Moon “An inimitable, unbreakable voice.”

Tom Lutz, editor in chief, Los Angeles Review of Books

“Regina Louise’s childhood ordeal and quest to find true family are enthralling and ultimately triumphant. I cheered her every step of the way.”

Julia ScheeresNew York Times bestselling author, Jesus Land

“Regina Louise’s voice has the kind of slow, melodious rhythm that feels very classic and familiar but made fresh by the spunk and fire of the young Regina. It’s just lovely.”

Lilly Dancyger, deputy editor, Narratively

Praise for Regina Louise and

Somebody's Someone



“Regina Louise's Somebody's Someone is an amazingly powerful and unforgettable literary debut.”


Sapphire, author of Push, now the motion 

picture Prescious


“Regina Louise is an extraordinary new voice! Readers will want to reach into her heartfelt memoir and hug the spunky woman, child heroine. Poignant, resilient and fresh, Somebody’s Someone is a wonderful read.”



April Sinclair, author of Coffee Will Make You Black



“In a voice as textured as a little girl’s cotton summer dress, Regina Louise enthralls you. This well-crafted memoir of longing reminds you of what it means to have a place of your own—especially a place inside yourself.”


Michael Datcher, author of New York

Times bestseller Raising Fences


“Straightforward, sincere story . . . this rare look into the inner world of an unwanted child will enlighten readers concerned with the fate of at-risk children.”

Publishers Weekly 




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