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It’s no secret to anyone of you who have traveled alongside me

throughout the years: how I stop at nothing to engage with my

experiences and make meaning of my life. You’ve witnessed me as

I’ve written about how I grew myself up out of a childhood of

marginalization, solitary confinement, and time in a level-14

residential treatment center. Many of you have wept, cheered, and

yelled at the television screen wanting my younger self to win at any

costs, except her own expense. You’ve witnessed me grapple, hustle,

advocate and stand tall in my sense of self as resistance to forever

living as a victim to my circumstances. My journey, now, is to

support others, like you; women, and girls, human beings albeit dog

walkers or millionaires it’s not where any of us come from. It’s more

so about how we integrate all of who we are into this one life. I am

eager to walk alongside you, to witness you, and encourage you

to dream and do no matter what. Stay tuned. I’m so excited to share

with you the next portion of our journey, together.

Respectfully yours,

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